How do I become involved?

All new dogs must be 12 months old to be able to join the newcomers class, and should have a basic level of obedience (including a good recall). For safety your dog should only wear a flat collar.

For more information, pop along and watch a training session or contact us on



We are looking for a permanent home for our training.


Prospective Members

We are always delighted to welcome new members to our club, which promotes fun, reward based training for dogs and their handlers in the Island.

Agility is a fun dog sport that builds a strong relationship between a dog and it’s handler. It keeps busy doggy minds active and is a great way to burn off excess energy and to keep fit! Most breeds can do agility, but if you are unsure of your dogs suitability please ask one of the instructors for advice.

As a prospective member you can train for two weeks.  If you then wish to then carry on, we request that you join the club as a member

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A couple of housekeeping items.

Equipment must not be used unsupervised at any time. We encourage all members to do their bit by helping to put out/ put away the equipment. Running the club relies on the hard work, goodwill and dedication of the Committee and other members who give their time for free. Remember that many hands make light work.

Finally we ask that all dogs are left in a suitably ventilated car or under control with a spectator whilst the equipment is being set up/ put away. Loose and unsupervised dogs can be a danger to themselves and others and it is essential that we promote responsible handling/ownership at all times. With that in mind it is your responsibility to clean up after your dog at all times and take it home with you if there are no bins at the venue.

By promoting responsible dog ownership we can keep using all of our training and show venues.

Please remember that first of all agility is fun and it is about spending quality time playing with your furry friend and enjoying time together. If you happen to get a really good round or even a competition placing this is a bonus. Rosettes are the icing on the cake not the reason for doing agility!!! Enjoy!!!

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