Getting Started

• There is a two-session grace period for newcomers to decide if they like it enough to join, but from then on you will need to be a member of the Club to be covered by our insurance. Please read the Club Rules carefully.

• Your dog must be at least 12 months old to train.

• An ordinary collar/ harness and lead will suffice. Check chains/ collars or combi collars must not be used due to safety reasons.

•Sensible shoes are recommended as we train outside and it can get slippery. A lightweight waterproof is also useful as we still train in the rain! The dogs don’t mind.

• A non-squeaky toy and yummy treats (soft treats are better than hard biscuits - cheese or sausage or chicken are good and your dog will work really hard for these).

You will be emailed or can pick up from training, a training sheet for the term telling you what the training is that week and the time for your class. If the weather is bad, please phone the telephone number on the training sheet and the answer-phone message will confirm if training is on or off.

On the next pages we have included some information about the equipment and the basic commands that you and your dog will learn. If you have any questions please ask one of the instructors.

We hope that you enjoy learning agility with your dog and you may find that what starts out as a bit of fun gets you hooked and you and your dog end up as the next World

Best wishes and good luck,

Agility For Jersey

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