Basic Control

Recall - Dog comes back to handler when called.
Wait - Wait where I leave you until I call you/ release you
Positions - Stay, Sit, Down and stand are all helpful.
Heelwork - Dog moves with you at both a walk and a run on both sides

More advanced control with your dog.

As you and your dog improve you will be able to introduce more advanced control. This enables you to work your dog at a distance.

Send away
Go left
Go right
Getting a contact

‘go on‘
‘back’ or ‘left‘
‘turn’ or ‘right‘
‘get it’ or ‘touch’

dog moves away in front of you
Dog makes a left turn
Dog makes a right turn
Dog stops on a contact and stays in position until

It is always useful to teach your dog a release command. That means the dog will stay in a ‘wait’ or ‘touch it’ until released. ‘OK’ & ‘Go’ are most commonly used.