The Equipment

Listed below are all the pieces of equipment you are likely to find in an agility course.

Choose your preferred command for each, we have listed some ideas but feel free to make your own, as long as you are consistent with your commands, bearing in mind that you may need to differentiate between the two types of tunnel.

Jump / Wall = “Over” or “Jump”

Long Jump = ”Right Over” or “Long”

Tunnel = “tunnel” /”pipe” / “through”

tyre = “tyre” / “hoop” / “through”

weaves = “weave” / “poles”

Some of the obstacles are what we call ‘contacts’. These mean that there is an area that the dog must put at least one paw on, on entry and on exit. They have different coloured margins at the start and finish. The dog must make ‘contact’ with this area on entering and leaving the obstacle. Failure to do so would result in faults in competition so it is a good exercise to teach.

A frame = “up” / “climb”

Dog walk = “walk on”

See Saw = “see saw” / “C”

Whatever stage you and you dog are at in training, we aim to have fun. We try to inhibit the use of the word ‘no’ by ignoring mistakes and praising correct actions. Praise can be whatever motivates your dog - and they are all different. It might be a tasty treat, or a brief game of tuggy. The more you enjoy it the more your dog will enjoy it too.